Tracy Abildskov
TJ’s Biomedical Imaging

TJ’s Biomedical Imaging (TJ’s for short) creates some of the most true to life (objective) medical graphics on the market today. Science and research based TJ’s goes to great length to honor the data that we are given. Relying on a variety of imaging modalities ( CT, PET, SPECT, MRI, DTI & FMRI ), medical reports, radiologist, neuropsychologists, and reconstructive techniques, TJ’s creates 3D models from 2D medical images and then incorporates those models into everything else that TJ’s produces. When you see an animation, medical illustration, physical models or trial exhibit of some part of the body, it really is a view into that person.

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Michael Havranek, M.A.M.S., CMI
Senior Medical Illustrator
Amicus Visual Solutions

We collaborate with Michael Havranek to develop innovative methods for visualizing the effects of traumatic brain injury.



Tim Henshaw, M.D. and his Medical Consultant Team
Atlantic Technical Consultants

We collaborate with Dr. Henshaw to use graphical, video and other methods to better understand the effects of traumatic brain injury on our patients.

Virginia Commonwealth University

TBI Model System
Family Support Research
National Resource Center for TBI

We collaborate with physicians and therapists at Virginia Commonwealth University to provide our patients with the best care possible.